Developing Your Hero, Part 5: My Personal Archetype and Values

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

In this 9-part series I’ll show you how to reinvent yourself as the protagonist (the hero) of your own real-life story. I’ll do it 100 words at a time. Take control of your narrative again.

I recently had an epiphany of being the Alchemist. But for some years I’ve subscribed to being the Architect. In order for this to work, I must choose one. So I decided to mix them.


My Map
Life is complex and mystical, brimming with answers and meaning to be discovered and created.

My Vehicle
I have strong innate desires to Mind (awareness), Make (assemblage), Master (authority), Move (advancement).

My Limitations
Extremely rational (Architect). Extremely stubborn (Alchemist).

My Compass (Values)
Curiosity (Mind), Creativity (Make), Competence (Master), Progress (Move)

Up next: My Moral Statement — Why will I stand for my values?



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Christopher Bartley

I write where UX Design and the Hero’s Journey meet. There, you’ll find redemption for the soul and system.